Five Things To Look For When Booking a Whitsundays Sailing Tour

The beautiful Whitsunday Islands are situated between the Great Barrier Reef and the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia. This area is filled with marine life. Although a great majority of the islands are uninhabited, there are some that offer vacation attractions. There are actually four groups of islands. These are the Whitsunday group, the Lindeman group, the Molle group and the Northern group. The largest group is the Whitsunday, with Hamilton being the largest island.

This vacation environment is one of the most popular destinations of the Southern Hemisphere for yachting enthusiasts. Estimates are that around 700,000 travelers journey there each year. The islands also have much to offer in the way of rainforest, hiking trails and beautiful white sand beaches. While exploring the area, there are day-trip and overnight voyages available.


Whether attracted to Hardy Reef or Heart Reef, find a tour that has a snorkel venue. Guests are encouraged to explore the reefs during daylight hours. These reefs abound with great coral and marine species that you need to experience.

Midnight Sail

Sailing tours can take you on a regional magic carpet ride of the Coral Sea. You can choose a tour on a monohull, catamaran, or maxi yacht, depending on how far from the marina you wish to sail, and what you desire to see and do. Many tours offer first class meals and overnight cruises. A number of overnight journeys have been the setting for marriage proposals.

Some overnight tours around the main island of Whitsunday accord night time scuba dives, allowing you to witness nocturnal marine life.

Backpack Tour

Book a backpack tour through some of the most beautiful areas of the Conway State Forest. You will have the chance to see a beautiful flora and fauna reserve in one of the oldest continuously surviving rainforests. The walks take place on flat ground, which is suitable for all ages. View areas of rich soil that grow the sweetest sugar cane in the world. Most tours provide a picnic lunch of salads, cheeses, bread and meats. Your palate can help you create your own combination of treats. Eat under the rainforest canopy. Enjoy seeing bird nests, ferns and climbing vines. If you think you would choose a backpack tour, be sure to include sensible walking shoes in your luggage.

Dive and Swim

Join a tour that offers diving opportunities. There are some junkets that offer the occasion to swim beside kind-natured green sea turtles. These are known as Deep Water Turtle Discovery tours. These inquisitive creatures are always up for a buddy dive. The pristine reefs and incredibly clear water allow you to get close to manta rays, and maybe even a dolphin or whale.

Do Nothing

One more option for your vacation at Whitsundays Islands is to do absolutely nothing. The beach calls like a siren to those who just want to plant their feet in the finest pure silica sand in the world. Enjoy the clear aqua sea. After you’ve arrived at the resort, unpack, head to the beach and unwind.