Your bike could care less, just pedal!!!

You know what I love the most about bicycles?  They could really care less! 

They don’t get hung up on the color or gender of their owner, they don’t pay a lot of attention to the size of the rider, where they are being ridden, how often they are rode, how much they cost, or how fast they go.

It’s we the cyclists that get hung up on that crap.  At the bike shop, we strive to find the ideal bike that matches the uses and needs of the cyclists that come into buy them and justifiably so.  But, at the end of that day, the bike does not care. I see all types of riders close to the finish line of a race, and ironically enough, I see a lot of people who look exactly the same pulling up the rear.  On the trails, I see tons of people flying around at all different speeds, but it was the 55-year-old big guy on the $600.00 bike who finished his ride slowly the other day, and my young, fit friend Kyle on his $3500.00 bike who went home in an ambulance on his “tough guy” mountain bike ride the same night.

In a lot of ways, I’m more impressed by the big folks on the crap bikes, that haven’t been maintained for two years, the ones working harder than that “fast” racer guy or gal on their feather light, perfectly tuned carbon drool machine.

To me, it’s the folks who just ride to live, the one’s without the kits, the ones that shove the bike in the trunk because they do not own a rack as expensive as most people bikes.

It’s the folks who get just a little faster each trip, a little stronger each month, and the ones that have to walk a little less up the hill each time they ride.  Those are the ones who impress me.  That’s what cycling is all about.  Lots of us have tons of time and money to commit to this sport and training.  But, to the ones just riding, because they love it, maybe they lost a few pounds, maybe they met a new friend, maybe they beat an old goal. MAYBE, they just wanted to see if they could ride a bike again.  To you folks, and especially you, my helmet is tipped!!

Keep the rubber side rubber,