Sorry bikes!

Its’s going to be 70 and sunny here in Phoenix today.  One of those days that the gifts of life are too many that they keep you from getting out and riding.  On a day like this, I could easily get five or six hours of saddle time without batting an eye.  I plan on riding December 31st and January 1st as I want to start and finish each year doing what I love the most.

Ever have one of those days, some of those days, too many of those days in a row when you walk past your bikes and feel guilty?  Mere mortals can’t comprehend or understand, it’s a cyclist thing, regardless of your level.  

For me, my bikes are like my dog.  I feel a need to take em out once a day, run em around, work em til their tongue flops out of their mouths.  When I don’t, just like my dog, they just stare at me, with that sad long handlebar face, slumping tubes and all.  As if they are saying “Joe, are we going for a ride, huh, hey Joe, oh were you walking to the door, or by the door. Please, please, please, take me for a fricking ride, squirell”

Maybe it’s just me, but my bikes need to go out once a day, or they’ll poo and pee all over my house and tear all the Dirt Rag magazines up.


….. and it looks like rain……..

I have seen blogs and articles on this subject time and time again. I truly felt I had a lot to contribute on this often talked about topic.

I have spent years and years preparing this column. Thus I am so proud and pleased to present to you the following painstakingly prepared and overly-researched information on cycling in the rain:

Wake up, drink coffee, dress warm, watch out for slippery roads and bad drivers, prepare beforehand, open door, ride bike, finish safely, drink more coffee.

I think that pretty much sums it up….

Keep the rubber side rubber and don’t let your meat loaf, Now go ride!!