Sunday Cycles Bicycle Shop moving to prime trailside/bike path adjacent location.

Friends, family, colleagues: It is with the greatest of honor, humility, and gratitude that I announce the upcoming opening (October 2014) of the all new Sunday Cycles Bike Shop. The new address is 10880 North 32nd Street 85028. One block north of Shea Boulevard, on the west side next to Sala Thai Restaurant , Georgie Designs Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry, and Jabz Boxing Fitness For Women – North Phoenix. The new location will be double the size, feature some great surprises, and lots of group rides. We are conveniently located two blocks away from two great entrances to trail 100, and one block away from one of the greatest road biking corridors in the City of Phoenix. We will be carrying all the same great brands we carry right now, such as Santa Cruz Bicycles, BMC, Niner Bikes, Breezer Bikes, Felt Bicycles,Ibis Cycles, Fuji Bikes, SE Bikes Spot Brand, plus adding some great new features like monthly speakers, more youth bicycles, women’s bicycles, and a much broader selection of casual cycling clothing and accessories. We will feature a group ride for women, for families, for men of great size, and more for both road, and mountain bike.

Thank you so much for sticking with me all these years, and thank you so much for following us and joining us on the journey as we go on to the next chapter of our local family owned bike shop

Sorry bikes!

Its’s going to be 70 and sunny here in Phoenix today.  One of those days that the gifts of life are too many that they keep you from getting out and riding.  On a day like this, I could easily get five or six hours of saddle time without batting an eye.  I plan on riding December 31st and January 1st as I want to start and finish each year doing what I love the most.

Ever have one of those days, some of those days, too many of those days in a row when you walk past your bikes and feel guilty?  Mere mortals can’t comprehend or understand, it’s a cyclist thing, regardless of your level.  

For me, my bikes are like my dog.  I feel a need to take em out once a day, run em around, work em til their tongue flops out of their mouths.  When I don’t, just like my dog, they just stare at me, with that sad long handlebar face, slumping tubes and all.  As if they are saying “Joe, are we going for a ride, huh, hey Joe, oh were you walking to the door, or by the door. Please, please, please, take me for a fricking ride, squirell”

Maybe it’s just me, but my bikes need to go out once a day, or they’ll poo and pee all over my house and tear all the Dirt Rag magazines up.


Pink Bike

This girl came in my store today. She had come in a few years prior looking for a bike.  She never bought one because she wanted a pink bike.  We for some reason did not have any pink bikes at the time.  I told her we could order her one, but she wanted one that day.

So today she comes strolling in, again, asking for a pink bike.  She had not bought her pink bike yet.  3 years later, we had one pink bike in stock.

She liked it and she bought it.

Just a random story, about a pink bike.  And a crazy girl.

$10.00 raffle may get you $1000.00 gift cerificate at Sunday Cycles Bike Shop!!!!

Sunday Cycles has partnered with the Police Unity Tour, a non profit police ride across country that raises money for wounded officers and the families of fallen officers.  $10.00 raffle may get you $1000.00 gift cerificate at Sunday Cycles Bike Shop!!!!  

All proceeds go to the Police Unity Tour.

Raffle  will be November 30th.  Tickets are avialble at the shop.

For more info call the shop at 480-440-2142.