3 Steps To Ensuring Your Belongings Are Safe In Storage.

When you are moving your items out of your home and into a storage locker, you want to ensure that your belongings are safe and sound. When you are moving your items into a storage unit, you want to take all precautions possible to ensure that nothing happens to your belongings. There is no way that you can predict if there is a flood that takes place if the roof is going to leak or even if a wind storm comes sweeping by causing the building to collapse. For these reasons, you want to place your belongings in the unit a specific way.

Tip 1: Secure items in air tight containers

The best thing that you can do is to make sure that all your belongings are in things other than just plain cardboard boxes The plain boxes are not going to protect water from seeping into your contents and ruining items that you are trying to save. If you place your items in totes and keep the lid closed and place tape over the lids to keep them pressed down, you can help to eliminate any water from seeping into the totes, but only if the roof leaks. If the building was to be flooded, there’s not a whole lot that you could do to keep your items from being damaged in this case.

Tip 2: Place pallets on the floor

To keep the items up off from the floor of the storage unit, you will want to place the items on pallets that have been arranged in the storage unit. If you can, you could go one step further and place a shelving unit in the locker and put all boxes, totes or bags on a shelf and this will keep items up off from the floor, therefore, protecting them better. If you do not want to place shelves, there are plenty of places that will give away pallets. All you have to do is pick them up or pay someone to deliver them to you.

Tip 3: Check for leaks all around before placing items in the locker

If you are in a hurry and are trying to get items moved into your storage locker, you most likely didn’t bother or won’t bother to look around for any leaks that could let wind, rain or snow into your locker. One thing that many people do not do when they are looking at the storage locker, they don’t step inside the unit and close the door. If you do this, you should not be able to see anything outside of the unit. If you can see daylight coming through, then you have a possible leak location. This small area can allow for the following things to enter into your locker; rain, wind, snow, sleet, insects or even rodents. If the hole is large enough for a mouse to get in, then you can possibly have an infestation occur. Make sure to seal any gaps or possible leaks to keep the items in the locker extra safe. You can never be too sure of anything you know.

These tips are brought to you by the Bionic Self Storage company. Here we offer tips on how to keep your items safe when moving or relocating your household items to container storage units.