We love working on and fixing bikes.  Ask around and you will hear how our local Phoenix bike shop has garnered a reputation for above average service and technicians. Our master technicians are not only superior in their craft, they always give a lesson, make a suggestion, and most importantly, talk to you like your a person.  Lets face it, we all don’t have all the answers…..we love questions,  that’s how we all learn!


One Heck of a Tune-up, Tune Up- $65.00

Drive train

  • Front and rear Derailleur adjustment
  • Tighten crank arms
  • Check condition of bottom bracket and pedals
  • Check chain for wear


  • Adjust pads
  • Adjust brake cable tension

Wheels and Tires

  • Check tire condition
  • Check wheel true and adjust on bike
  • Check tire pressure

The My Bike Never Ran This Good New Tune Up, Tune Up- $95.00

All of the basic +


  • Remove crank, cassette, chain, and clean in solvent


  • Lever adjustment
  • Mountain bolt –tighten


  • Wipe down frame/fork-inspect


  • Remove, clean
  • True in truing stand
  • Check for proper dish & tension
  • Check hubs


  • Check bars, headset, saddle and adjustment if needed


True 15.00-25.00
Tubular Install $30.00
Tires and Tube 10.00 ea/$5.00 Off bike
Hub repack $25.00 front/$35.00 rear
Rotor install 8.50 ea
Spoke and true $2.99 ea + 15.00-25.00


Brake Bleed 30.00 ea
Pad install 5.00-20.00 ea

Component install

Fork 30.00
Headset 15.00
Stem 10.00
Bars Road 15.00
Bars mountain 10.00
Bars Aero 35.00
Levers Road 35.00
Levers mtn 25.00
Bar wrap 20.00
Grips 5.00
Computer w/cadence 15.00-40.00
Brake 25.00 each
Hydraulic brake 40.00 each
Chain 12.00
Crank set 20.00
Front derail 20.00
Rear derail 20.00
Pedals 5.00
Bottom bracket 10.00
Fork Rebuild:Fox, Manitou, Rock Shox, Marzocchi Seals 30.00Labor $70.00-$100.00
Fitting $75.00
Sizing $30.00