How To Keep Upholstery From Fading In The Sun

How to Protect Your Upholstered Furniture From Fading and Sun Damage

High-quality upholstered furniture can add an elegant touch to any living space. In many of these living spaces, homeowners want to allow sunlight to flow through the windows, filling the room with warmth and light. However, the unfortunate reality is that direct sunlight can cause damage to your upholstered furniture and lead to fading.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to keep the blinds drawn and make your living room look like a cave. There are many simple ways to protect your upholstered furniture against sun damage, which can prevent your couches and chairs from fading and keep them looking as good as new. Here are a couple of the best ways how to keep upholstery from fading in the sun:

Apply Window Film

A solar window film is one way to protect your furniture from sun damage. Window films are applied directly to your windows and protect your furniture from UV damage. Best of all, they look like nothing more than a tinted window, so they won’t mess up the aesthetic of the room. Aside from protecting your furniture from fading, window films also reduce glare by up to 87%, which not only reduces eye strain but leads to better outdoor views. (Solar Window Films) Because they also reduce heat from the sun’s rays, window films can even keep your house cooler and help you save on heating bills.

Grey interior with stylish upholstered blue sofa and lamp

Use a Sun and Dust Cover

Another way to shield furniture from sun damage is to use a sun and dust cover. These covers are usually made of lightweight fabric and are loose-fitting to cover all furniture types and sizes. While they may not look as pleasing as uncovered furniture, they’re perfect if you have a weekend and vacation home and will be away for long periods of time–this way your furniture won’t fade while you’re gone. If you have pets, these covers are also used to keep pet hair and dander off of furniture, and to prevent scratches. (Sun and Dust Covers)

Position Upholstered Furniture Away from Direct Sunlight

While it may be obvious, the only way to guarantee that your upholstered furniture won’t fade in the sun is to keep it out of direct sunlight. Try positioning any upholstered furniture away from windows–often, this can be done without messing with the layout of the room. It’s also helpful to plan the layout of the room before purchasing furniture so that you can find spots for your furniture that catch the eye while still avoiding the sun. If you must position upholstered furniture in direct sunlight, go for fully=finished leather, as it is less prone to fading.

Clean Furniture Regularly

Giving your upholstered furniture a regular cleaning will help prevent long-term fading. For best results, clean furniture with a reliable leather cleaner every couple of months. In addition, you may want to use a leather conditioner a few times a year. This helps keep the upholstery from drying out, which can be another cause of color fading.