Sick of Flat tires?

Bring your bike on down and we’ll get you rolling with our famous Desert Survival Package!


Bicycle inner tubes and thorns do not get along!  Arizona is a wild climate for flats, the amount you get and the headache they cause is almost absurd. Our solution to the puncture problem is a Heavy duty inner tube,PLUS a tire liner, and a triple pump  of thick coagulated tractor sealant.  Put all three together and you may not  get another flat bicycle tire ever again!  If you do, bring it down to us, and we will repair or replace your system at no charge for one year!!! 


What can we do? For $40 a wheel we can guarantee you will not get another flat tire for one year, and if you do for whatever reason we’ll fix or replace it for one full year!

How do you do this? 
We install Special flat resistant inner tubes and then reinforce them with super strong liners that protect the super tube, plus we add a triple pump of thick coagulated tractor sealant.

How well does this work? Chances are you will not ever get another flat, but if you do, we fix it for FREE, for one full year! You will still need to air up your tires on a regular basis though, there’s nothing we can do about that-sorry.

Do you cover every and all types of bikes? Unfortunately we are unable to do so, bikes that do not qualify for our Flat Proof Guarantee include the following:
– Tubeless, sew up, glued tires do not apply.
– Bicycles with Presta valves as a general rule do not qualify.
– Motorized bikes, electric or gas, do not qualify for our Flat proof Guarantee.
– Additionally we reserve the right to make the call if your bike is a valid candidate for our Life-Time Guarantee.

How long does this take to get done? In most cases if you are buying a bike from us we do it while you wait!! If you are bringing a bike in to be flat proofed please plan on dropping it off for a bit-Same Day Service in Most Cases!

What do I do if I get a flat after I had you guys “Flat Proof” me? Wheel your bike on in and we’ll get it in the repair que ASAP to get you rolling again. The charge for repairing your flat on your No-Flat covered bike-ZERO! You’re name and bike info are logged in the computer so no need to hold on to your receipt.