7 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

If you are spending all your budget on offline media advertising to drive traffic to your site, you may be getting lower returns by ignoring other digital platforms. Digital advertising platforms that can increase traffic to your site include email marketing, participating in forums, social media posts, blog posts, content creation, and increasing website loading among others. If you are looking for a partner, Joel House SEO Perth is an SEO firm that guarantees your site to rank in the first in the first six months of online content creation and discussion. The following are the various strategies you may use to drive traffic to your site.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest digital advertising platforms used by many businesses around the world. The key is to ensure the email get to the client’s inbox and opened using the enticing subject lines and a legitimate “from” address. If the customer opens an email and clicks through the products linked to your website, there is potential for a lot of traffic for your site. Before sending the email, it is important to feature the different products you offer, link the header to the homepage of your site, and hyperlink images to the pages on your site.


Improve The Website’s Load Time

Users of your site look for friendliness to keep using the site. One way to do that is to increase the load time to decrease its bounce rate and improve its overall rankings. For businesses today, customers are not only looking less loading times but also an optimization for your mobile site. When it comes to cell phones, that’s when users require a website that loads its content fast enough.


Respond And Participate In Forums

Think about all the research forums within your industry or specific questions related to your business. Responding to some of these issues helps to solve some of the problems your customers’ experience. Forums are part of the consumer type conversation and an opportunity to drive traffic to your site.


Engaging Social Media Posts

Social media platforms are great channels to drive traffic that can be utilized on both organic and paid opportunities. On these platforms, you may use shortened URLs landing pages, publishing offers, and impressive imagery to drive traffic to your site.


Blog Posts

If you create blogs or have someone creating blogs for your site, give each of the blogs a customization to fit the audience you are targeting. If the blogs are supposed to link to your site, then it is important to link the post and share a preview of 1-2 sentences on Twitter and Facebook using a shortened URL.


Industry Content Creation

If you use you site for business, then your business can be categorized in a certain industry that you have an opportunity for content contribution. You may create content to build relationships with other firms and other websites through content creation that link back to your site. It is an opportunity to create additional links to your site thus increasing traffic.


Interview Industry Leaders

Interviewing industry leaders is a free way to utilize content for website traffic. Customers and industry players all want to hear from experts and the content can be useful to link back to your site for people to see. You can then post the content to your site’s twitter account or mention your site in the interview to create backlinks.