How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Moving

The prospect of moving, especially to a distant city or state, can at first seem like an attractive prospect. The new environment, scenery, and even perhaps way of life can be enticing, especially to those who may feel like they’re in a “rut” where they’re at. But as that moving day gets closer and closer, the reality of making this move often settles in.

Homeowners that have moved a house full of furniture and household goods know the myriad number of problems that can occur at any point in the moving process. Those that are moving for the first time should do their best to recognize potential mistakes that could adversely affect their move, and take measures to see that these mistakes can be avoided, if at all possible.

Mistakes, or just simply bad judgement, can happen well before moving day, and last right up through the move itself. Though some unfortunate situations may arise that can’t be anticipated, some mistakes that happen that can be avoided could include:

Do-It-Yourself moving

This could very well be the biggest mistake, by far, homeowners make, and for a number of reasons. From a move across town, or across the country, all experts agree that homeowners should hire a reputable, dependable professional moving company

DIYers may not take into account many variables that go into a self-move. Odds are good they don’t have an idea as to costs that can quickly add up, costs such as fuel, extra packing supplies, and so on.

If the homeowner has not moved before, they may not know how to pack things up very efficiently or safely; likewise, their efficiency at loading their rented moving truck (another expense) is more than likely not great.

Professional movers can come right in and pack all items up safely, securely, and quickly. They’ll lug the heavy stuff around, fill their trailer up in a safe and secure manner, and be on their way to the new destination.

Choosing just any mover

Often, homeowners will just go with the cheapest mover. This is a big mistake. There’s always a reason why this company will move people so cheaply.

The homeowner needs to make sure their goods are insured by the mover. They need to get estimates as to what the move would and should cost. When they decide to go with this company, they need a binding, written contract outlining moving costs and itinerary, as well as stated responsibilities and obligations the moving company has to assume if something goes wrong during the move.

Lack of preparation

Procrastination here proves costly and nerve-wracking. Things such as getting utilities, etc. shut off on one end, and activated on the other end, takes time, just one example of things people don’t think about too much until the move is imminent.

More things will be happening just before and during the move than the homeowner can handle all at once. Even with the best laid plans, there’ll be plenty to do.

The best thing a homeowner can do, once they know when they’re moving, is make a comprehensive checklist to go by. Check off things a month before, weeks before, the moving week, and moving day. Efficiency and forethought here can be of premium importance in aiding in making the move the best it can possibly be.