3 Digital Marketing Careers that Pay Well


If you are looking to enter the world of digital marketing, you are in luck. It is one of the fastest growing and lucrative fields in the world. However, it can be confusing to know where to start. After all, literally anything done online to help market or promote or sell for a business could be considered digital marketing. So where do you start if you want to make good money and build a long term career? Consider one of these three following options:

1. Search Engine Optimization Expert

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a $65 billion market The reason is that every business and individual who wants to gain more attention online is using it. And attention is vital, especially in an age where anyone can leave your web page in an instant with the click of a button or tap on the screen.

So in order to capture and keep this digital attention span, marketers are being hired to help websites rank in the search engine results. For example, when you search “Cars” in Google, a list of sites pop up. These are called the organic results. SEO is designed to rank these sites higher up in the results so the business can be seen first. This results in more sales. However, businesses can also pay to rank that highly, and those are called paid results. SEO is all about making Google like your website so people will go to it, so there will never be a shortage of opportunities for SEO experts, who are very well paid.

2. Copywriter

You can always go into copywriting if you want a well-paid internet career. Copywriting is essentially salesmanship in writing. It’s about convincing people to buy with words, instead of audio or video or in person. Because copywriting is tied directly to sales, many companies pay great money if you can prove your ability to make revenue for them. Examples of copywriting tasks include making: landing pages, sales letters, emails, display ads, and opt-in forms (to capture email addresses), though the options are varied.

3. Social Media Manager

In today’s world, everyone is on social media. The great thing about social is that you can access your audience for free and engage them in conversation. Businesses and brands of all kinds are taking advantage of this and paying people to manage their social media presence. If you want, you can start learning one particular site, such as Facebook or Twitter to become an expert in. If you specialize over generalize, you can make more in the long run.

When it comes to digital marketing, your choices are endless. However, not every career is the same. With the internet becoming more popular and marketers becoming more common, your rates could go down if you don’t compete properly. So pick your career wisely. One of the three high paying digital marketing careers above could be the perfect fit for you. As always, compare your options carefully before committing to one or the other.